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Lawyer V. Lawyer

Dec 29, 2019

For episode 59, Garry and Debbie discuss the lessons we learned or re-learned in 2019: don’t get too big for your britches; perfect is the enemy of good; get rid of the haters – no good deed goes unpunished; get your plan together, keep at it and trust your intake instincts; work with a servant’s heart; Appellate...

Oct 25, 2019

Dan Schnurbush again joins Debbie and Gary about the exciting topic of insurance coverage: The insuring agreement, exclusions, denying coverage under the insurance agreement or exclusions, burden of proof on insured to prove insuring agreement, burden of proof and insurance company to enforce exclusions, conflict,...

Oct 25, 2019

Welcome to Lawyer V. Lawyer, the only legal podcast giving you both sides of the trial room floor.

In this episode:

Gary and Debbie have guest Dan Schnurbush join them to discuss insurance coverage: bad faith law, coverage letters, policy interpretation, duty to defend, duty to defend when no duty to indemnify exists,...

Sep 2, 2019

Public public image of lawyers and how we treat each other; what are the do’s and dont’s and rules of litigation battles; do you give records and extensions on discovery? Do you do speaking objections or motions for sanctions? Good judgment calls from Debbie and Gary on these key issues.

Aug 23, 2019

In this episode of Lawyer V. Lawyer Gary and Debbie discuss really tough judgment call areas of litigation: (1)what to do what do you do when your opponent introduces questionable or misleading evidence; (2) what do you do with a witness who won’t answer a question but keeps talking; and (3) how do you handle a...