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Lawyer V. Lawyer

Oct 17, 2022

Oct 11, 2022

Jun 29, 2022

Gary and Debbie are joined by Jennifer Crompton of Lexitas to discuss best practices in mediation. They share some funny stories about mediation incidents and deposition drama and how those show best practices.

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Jun 23, 2022

Debbie and Gary are joined by Jennifer Crompton of Lexitas to talk about this local company’s growth and scaling to eventually being acquired by a national litigation support company. We learn about the management and operations successes of Lexitas, how that helped it grow, how those lessons can be translated to...

Apr 14, 2022

Gary Burger brings guest Stephen Gerring of the Gerring Law firm for a second episode to discuss the Top Adjuster Tricks they encounter and How to Combat Them. Stephen and Gary discuss what to do when the adjuster claims that the client’s injuries were pre-existing, the adjuster claims that too much time...