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Lawyer V. Lawyer

Jun 24, 2020

Our Lawyer v. Lawyer hosts discuss social media now: using it as part of an investigation to see if the plaintiff to see if they are exaggerating their injury and the strategy of that; using it to investigate venire panels and potential jurors for their political views and socioeconomic status; and the rapidly (still)...

Jun 24, 2020

Gary and Debbie talk about cases with bad injuries and high damages: some of which have good liability and others may not be worth a hoot. Start at the end of the case, assess whether plaintiff is sympathetic or not sympathetic, turn tough liability cases into good liability cases, jury research and early resolution.

Jun 23, 2020

Debbie and Gary discuss what they did with their offices to accommodate Corona and working from home, productivity of employees and their experience with Corona. They also prognosticate on systemic changes in the law that will happen because of Corona.